Sortation in warehouse

In the dynamic landscape of modern warehousing, the surge in online shopping and diverse packaging options has intensified the challenges faced by distribution facilities. Traditional sorting systems struggle to cope with the increased volume, especially when handling non-conveyable single-item orders. 

Barcode reading and machine vision systems, such as those offered by Cognex, emerge as crucial tools to enhance sorting efficiency. They reduce product loss and provide real-time performance insights. 

In this blog, we delve into 9 tips to improve sortation in warehouse and explore innovative solutions to common challenges. Additionally, we will shed light on how organizations can optimize their operations in the evolving realm of warehouse management.

But first, let’s learn what we mean by the term sortation.

Meaning of Sortation in Warehouse:

Sortation in a warehouse is the strategic process of systematically arranging products for efficient retrieval and accurate order fulfilment. Warehouses employ various sorting methods tailored to their size and requirements, ranging from simple alphabetical categorization to specialized sorting by product type. 

In today’s fast-paced e-commerce landscape, where timely deliveries are the most important, the efficiency of sorting directly influences order fulfilment metrics. With 69% of consumers emphasizing on-time deliveries, warehouses are increasingly turning to advanced warehouse sorting systems, utilizing cutting-edge strategies and algorithms. 

These systems, integrated with IoT technologies and task-specific algorithms, streamline processes, reduce manual labour, and enhance overall warehouse efficiency, meeting the demands of modern consumer expectations.

Next up, let’s look at the promised tips to improve sortation in your warehouse.

Top 9 Tips to Improve Sortation in Warehouse:

Unlock the potential of your warehouse efficiency with these 9 indispensable tips to enhance sortation. From advanced technology integration to streamlined processes, discover actionable strategies for optimizing your sorting operations.

1. Smart Categorization:

In the era of diverse single-item orders, precision in categorization is paramount. Utilize a system employing both 3D and 2D cameras to ensure accurate dimensional and volumetric data capture. This technology prevents incorrect sorting, reduces manual handling, and adapts seamlessly to static or dynamic sorting processes.

2. Tray Occupancy Monitoring:

Streamline induction processes with an advanced item detection system. Its 3D image processing and 2D optics identify objects while disregarding common hygiene issues. This adaptable system delivers high detection rates, protecting against lost products and ensuring accurate tray occupation data.

3. Ship Sorter Scanning: 

Elevate ship sorter efficiency using multi-reader tunnels. These image-based barcode readers boast speed and accuracy, accommodating high-speed sorting demands. The tunnels read codes from any angle, providing valuable insights into the causes of no-reads and optimizing throughput without compromising accuracy.

4. Customized Conveyor Systems:

Tailor conveyor systems to the warehouse space, ensuring compatibility and efficiency. Customization allows for the use of different conveyor systems at various sorting stages, optimizing speed and adaptability to specific warehouse needs.

5. Automation Integration: 

Embrace automation tools like motion sensors, bar-code scanners, and visual AI systems to reduce reliance on manual labour. By automating sorting tasks, employees can focus on more complex responsibilities, improving overall sorting process efficiency.

6. Effective Labeling:

Implement informative labels containing supplier names, purchase order numbers, pallet details, product descriptions, and SKUs. Clear labelling facilitates efficient receiving operations, reducing errors and inefficiencies associated with product identification and inventory tracking.

7. Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Identify KPIs directly linked to profitability and efficiency. Warehouse management solutions can help track metrics such as inventory accuracy, hours/days to customers, and energy efficiency factors. Align KPIs with pain points to justify expenses and track improvements.

8. Routine Equipment Maintenance:

Establish a regular maintenance schedule for lift trucks and warehouse equipment. Regular maintenance prevents breakdowns during operations, saves on emergency repairs and replacement costs, and ensures dependable equipment availability.

9. Process Mapping:

Map out key processes, engaging associates to identify optimization opportunities. Create a visual representation of workflows, seeking input from team members. Document optimized processes to develop standardized SOPs, fostering uniformity across all warehouse operations and promoting continuous improvement.

FAQ: 9 Tips To Improve Sortation in Warehouse

How we improve the warehouse operation?

Enhance efficiency through process optimization, automation, and real-time data utilization. Regularly assess and adjust workflows to minimize bottlenecks and enhance overall operational effectiveness.

What kind of sorting is the fastest?

Automated sortation using advanced technology, such as barcode scanners and conveyors, is the fastest. It minimizes manual handling, reduces errors, and boosts overall sorting speed.

How to digitise the warehouse?

Digitize warehouse operations by implementing a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Utilize technology for real-time tracking, inventory management, and seamless communication, improving overall operational visibility and efficiency.

How to plan a warehouse to reduce damage and loss? 

Plan the warehouse layout strategically, implement proper storage methods, and leverage technology for inventory tracking. Train staff, use durable packaging, and conduct regular assessments to minimize damage and loss.


In the ever-evolving landscape of warehousing, efficient sortation is the linchpin for meeting the demands of modern consumers. With a surge in online shopping, traditional systems face challenges, making advancements like barcode reading and machine vision crucial. 

This blog explored the meaning of sortation, unveiling 9 tips to revolutionize warehouse efficiency. From smart categorization to automation integration, these strategies optimize sorting operations, aligning with the urgency of on-time deliveries. 

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