Warehouse control system

An unkempt warehouse can be scary. With the thousands of products stocked on top of each other, waiting for a disaster the Warehouse Control System (WCS) is a need of the hour, as it automatically organises your warehouse.

It’s time to improve your business focus by addressing order management flaws, cutting high warehouse labour costs, and enhancing inventory management. The Warehouse-Control System has evolved to address these issues in your business.

WCS provides real-time visibility into the operations of your warehouse and makes decision-making easier. Additionally, it streamlines material handling and optimises the use of small spaces.

Join us, as we explore what a Warehouse-Control System is and how it is beneficial for your warehouse and indirectly your business.

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Let’s dive in.

What is a Warehouse Control System (WCS)?

In simple words, the Warehouse-Control System is a trained software that controls the automatic aspects of a warehouse. The various factors like material handling equipment like – mini-load systems, AS/RS for boxes, conveyors, etc., 

Additionally, it identifies the location of items, perfecting inventory accuracy, and so on. WCS controls and coordinates the movement of the automatic elements, therefore making the process more efficient. 

However, people sometimes confuse the Warehouse Control System with the Warehouse Management System, let’s look at what makes these two different next!

Difference Between WCS and WMS:


The Warehouse-Control System controls and directs different activities in a warehouse. It is the controller, not the manager, responsible for controlling the automation at a specific location.


The Warehouse Management System manages the different operational tasks in a warehouse. It prioritises the operational tasks by organising and prioritising by tracking inventory and fulfilling orders.

Although different, the WCS and WMS cannot function without each other. The WCS might be responsible for ensuring a machine does its job properly, however, it is the WMS’ job to assign tasks to particular machines. 

Both the WCS and WMS need to be in sync to operate functions such as picking routes, entering product details, exiting orders, etc. The WCS has a variety of functions, we’ve listed some of them below, check them out!

Functions of Warehouse Control System (WCS):

From checking whether machines have completed the assigned tasks, to monitoring real-time operations in a warehouse, the WCS looks over the following functions:

Let’s next look at the benefits offered by the Warehouse-Control System!

Benefits of Warehouse Control System (WCS):

Apart from improving the overall efficiency of your warehouse, WCS has the following benefits:

Not every warehouse is the same, and therefore the control system required for each warehouse varies. Check out the next section to learn how to choose a Warehouse-Control System that suits your needs.

How to Choose a Warehouse Control System?

Choosing the right Warehouse-Control System (WCS) is crucial for optimizing warehouse operations. Here are key points to consider when selecting a WCS:

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a Warehouse Control System that aligns with your specific warehouse needs and sets the foundation for improved efficiency and growth.

Check out the answers to the following frequently asked questions if you still have some questions left.

FAQ: A Guide to Warehouse Control System

Is WCS open-source?

It depends on the specific WCS. Some may be open-source, while others are proprietary. Verify the licensing model with the particular WCS provider.

Can I download data from WCS?

The ability to download data from WCS depends on the system. Many WCS solutions offer data export functionalities for reporting and analysis purposes. Check with the specific WCS provider for details.


In conclusion, a well-implemented Warehouse-Control System (WCS) transforms chaos into efficiency by addressing order flaws, cutting labor costs, and optimizing inventory. It provides real-time visibility and streamlines warehouse activities.

The synergy between WCS and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) is vital for seamless operations. Choosing the right WCS involves understanding specific warehouse needs, ensuring compatibility, and considering scalability. 

Qodenext, a leader in warehouse solutions, provides tailored WCS solutions to revolutionize your warehouse management. Elevate your efficiency and embrace the future with Qodenext’s Warehouse Control System.

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