QR Code on Labels for Agrochemical Industry
– How to Ensure Quick, Easy, and Guaranteed Compliance

Recently, the Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Department of Agriculture, and Cooperation and Farmers Welfare issued a notification that the QR code on the labels of insecticides must contain information such as:

  • The unique identifier or GTIN
  • Batch number
  • Date of manufacturing
  • Expiry date
  • Website

The measure has been taken to ensure quick traceability of crop protection products such as insecticides and to ensure that the farmers get access to genuine products instead of spurious ones.

According to the mandate, the farmer can use a mobile phone to scan the QR code. The QR code should take them to the manufacturing company’s website, where they can find complete information about the label.

To comply with the new mandate, the agrochemical industry will have to implement traceability solutions to track the origin of the product. This means that the manufacturer will have to mark every saleable unit with unique markings (UID).

The Benefits of Using Tracking and Traceability Solutions

Agrochemical companies can use QR tracking and traceability solutions to ensure quick and simple compliance.

Let’s look at how it can help the companies:

  1. Counterfeit / Brand Protection: There have been many surveys on this topic. Some of them indicate that 1 in 2 consumers have had a personal experience with a counterfeit product. Damages consequential but non tangible losses may be even greater like loss of goodwill, associated regulatory action, health and safety issues. Traceability addresses this concern comprehensively.
  2. Marketing and Sales: : Since at the heart of traceability is serialization of each and every sales unit, it unlocks tremendous marketing and sales opportunities. Some examples are given below:
    • a) Loyalty programs (Channel and consumer)
    • b) Add to traceability data the power of internet and we have direct consumer engagement
    • c) Dealer stock monitoring
    • d) Distribution channel monitoring
  3. Automation: Since track and trace solutions involve data driven recognition at every stage, this opens up tremendous automation opportunities. From Warehouse to dispatch of finished goods many processes can be automated, where data is used in real time and on an accurate basis.
  4. Vendor Management: Vendors are an integral part of any company’s success. Linking internal productivity, quality and deliveries with vendors, lead to massive gains in right vendor selection and performance.
How does QodeNext compliance solution work?

Step 1: Use our SETU Line Software to Print Validate and Aggregate data on production Line

Step 2: Auto - Upload Production data to SETU On Demand Cloud data services

Step 3: Point your company url to SETU API on Cloud

Step 4: You are now ready and compliant.

Step 5: Monitor and review

How Qodenext Helps Companies to Comply with The New Mandate

Considering that traceability solutions can help agrochemical companies to follow the Government’s new mandate, it’s important to find the right partner who can address the tracing needs.

Some benefits of partnering with us are:

  1. Focus on Traceability: QodeNext is a leader in end-to-end tracing and tracking solutions. Today, we believe, we are one of the largest issuers of unique IDs in India.
  2. Experience in Industry: Top agro-chemical companies already use SETU based solutions. Some of these installations are over 5 years old.
  3. Partner Ecosystem: QodeNext has and maintains a diverse group of partners specialize in Printing scanning and automation. Our flexible solution integrates with a wide variety of HW. This provides flexibility to operations.
  4. Countrywide Network: We have an extensive network with 9 branches and presence in 60 cities.

To know more about our products and solutions, contact us.