what is TITO?
To improve vehicle management, enhance visibility and increase operational efficiency,
leading to better functionality at reduced operational costs.

QodeNext Truck Management System is a RFID, BLE and IOT based solution to manage and control vehicle movements across your facilities. The solution monitors, schedules and tracks the movement of trucks from IN gate, to weighing bridges, to parking, to loading/unloading bays and to exit gate using Just-in-time principle to increase the accuracy of delivery locations and timing.

TITO Eco System
What are the major modules?
Qodenext (TITO) Gate Registration Options
Driver Registration

Gate Entry Registration can be done with QN biometric system or by Face Detection System

Truck Registration

Truck Gate Entry Registration can be done with RFID system or by ANPR Cameras

Gate Module

Boom Barrier Integration
LED/Traffic Light Integration

Automate gate entry and exit using

Weighbridge Module

Automate weight capture
Vehicle validation through RFID

Face detection to trigger
weight capture

Bay Allocation Module

Digital Displays
Public announcement System

Automatically allocate bays
using real-time situational awareness

Situational Awareness Module

Traffic Lights, LCD Displays
Single Line LED Displays
Digital Signage
Auto Announcement System
Guardroom Dashboard
Driver Room Dashboard

Location Modules

Use of BLE Technology with micro maps, multicolor vehicle display in real-time with rout guidance and routing alarms

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