In the Manufacturing, EMS, FMCG & Logistics industry a single operational flaw impacts the whole supply chain and data capture process at each stage. QodeNext offers a wide range of printers and printer supplies to enhance the supply chain process that makes operational schedules reach its destination on time. We have wide range of printing capabilities from online to offline printing.

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Inkjet Printer

Laser printer

ID Card Printers

Mobile Printers

Print Engines


For capturing any data, scanning is the prime aspect.


QN scanner portfolio offers a wide range of scanning capability starting from retail solutions to high speed production lines with high built in intelligence that can read barcodes easily even at a surged speed.


QN offers different range of mobility scanners and form factors to cater need of production, warehouse and last mile users. These devices have sturdy built-in software intelligence features that can help your tasks to be performed without interruption.


KIOSK brings automation to life, transforming operational efficiency and elevating daily customer experiences. We streamline complete and connected solutions with unparalleled development, manufacturing, and support.

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Mobile Computers


Barcode Scanners


Online Scanners

Inspection (Vision)

Our advanced machine vision & industrial vision systems help improving product quality for any manufacturing process and further make production process error free, reduces cost of production and ensure high quality products are produced at affordable costs.

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Machine Vision

Fixed Industrial scanners


RFID technology is a way for Manufacturers and retailers to identify items using radio waves. It transmits data from a RFID Tag to a reader giving you accurate real-time tracking data of your inventory. QN RFID technology helps in attaining over the top challenges faced by every industry to improve the bottom line by increased efficiency.

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RFID Tunnel

Fixed RFID Reader

RFID Reader Antenna

RFID Printer


For capturing any data, scanning is the prime aspect.


Any manufacturing process includes material handling equipment like conveyors that can transport raw materials or semi-finished products from one workstation to another. These automated conveyors are designed based on the type of manufacturing product or the process. QN focuses on industrial conveyors that classify all kinds of available conveyors.

PTL (Pick to Light)

These picking technologies enhance the productivity & efficacy of the picker in a person-to-goods picking process, thus, it can get integrated into any existing warehousing operations. Our pick-to-light process entitles high-speed order fulfilment operation, with top-notch picking rates and excellent productivity.

Robotic Solutions

We are also into Autonomous robotics solution that are used for production and logistics activities. These autonomous mobile robots are typically used in assembly lines and for transportation and loading which have a moderate effect on energy consumption.

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Line Automation

Robotic Solution

Interactive Kiosk

Sortation System

Label Applicator

Line Sensors

Check Weigher System

Industrial Tablet

Our Industrial PCs and tablets are designed in such a way as to meet different performance and complex interface needs. It has stable performance, user-friendly applications, and high-performance industrial-grade processors to ensure the reliability of industry applications.

The scope of customization is huge, thus, the peripheral interface of the product and the screen size can be selected according to customer needs and the adaptability.

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Rugged Tablet

Industrial PC