7 Use Cases of Rugged Tablets in a Manufacturing Facility

After a long association with desktops and laptops, manufacturing facilities are now moving towards mobility with compact form factor and productivity. This has led to a spike in the use of rugged tablets that are durable and strong, built to sustain the challenging environment of manufacturing plants and industrial spaces.

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Rugged tablets, with their mobile applications, offer great advantages over the older means of data handling and processing. They improve the flow of data and information both inside and outside the factory, increasing productivity and reducing errors.

Let us delve deeper into the 7 most prominent use cases of rugged tablets in a manufacturing facility.

7 Use Cases of Rugged Tablets in Manufacturing
Work Order Management

There are several desktop applications to manage the work order performance, but are they really efficient at the assembly stage? Some work order requirements need integrated mobile-based systems at your manufacturing unit. These systems can help you get real-time updates on your work order and can transfer the data to the required departments of the business, to speed up your production time.

Several manufacturing facilities also require regular calibration and maintenance for work order management. Rugged tablets have mobile-based sensors integrated into their rocket ergonomic build for smooth management across the facility.

Asset Tracking

Every business requires effective technology and tools to assist them with asset management and tracking. It is very important to maintain accurate records of what is coming in, what stays, and what goes out. Manual data can have errors, misinformation, or certain records can be lost. But with rugged tablets, asset tracking is no longer a time-consuming task.

Rugged tablets with their mobile solution apps can accurately generate asset tasks, create financial reporting, give reminders to add audit activities for finishing financial reports, adhere to compliance requirements, and serve various other purposes. These tablets are known for their durability, speed, and reliability, under all conditions.

Direct Store Delivery

To keep up with the competitive market and tight margins, manufacturing facilities are constantly looking for options to increase their productivity and enhance their supply chain management. With the help of rugged tablets and real-time data, manufacturers can get their products delivered directly to the store, as and when the need arises, so that every product is available for sale.

Rugged tablets are efficient in doing so by getting accurate real-time information from the shop floor to the store. There are several applications for cross-docking, pick and put away, along with direct store delivery.

Inventory Management

Assets and inventory are crucial components of every company. Be it a small-scale industry or a large business, manual inventory management can require thousands of man-hours, extensive labor, and added expenses. If you have an enterprise-wide system to track, trace, and report your inventory details via a mobile application, then you can curb all such expenses and efforts.

Additionally, a machine can boost the accuracy and speed by manifolds, giving you specific insights into the inventory. The inventory can directly be recorded from the warehouse floor by scanning the applicable tags on the labels, and no further information will be required.

Mobile Payments

Nowadays, it's all resting on your palms. Today, smartphones have digital access to everything, even your bank accounts. Integrating mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) is very important for businesses as their consumers are adopting mobile payments rapidly.

Rugged tablets are perfect for the job as they come with several mobile payment modules to facilitate contactless transactions. This has become all the more important in a world that's recovering from a global pandemic, and digital is the way to go forward.

Safety Audits and Compliance Reporting

Every company has certain compliance standards to adhere to, and there are compliance reports to generate. Rugged tablets come with applications and tools to streamline the responsibilities like safety audits and compliance report generation. When rugged tablets are used to conduct safety audits, there is a huge reduction in paperwork and time. There is also no scope for manual error and a need to cross-verify details at every step before the audits.

Manufacturing facilities can take pictures for filing, mention processes, and organise all audio-visual details in a regulated fashion, for compliance reporting. There is also a common notion that companies that have adopted modern tools like rugged tablets are more inclined towards innovation and modernity, to offer better value to their consumers.


We have already established that powerful rugged tablets can communicate and interface more conveniently with other systems in sync. They can also send updates and gather information from the company's own diagnostic instruments to help the engineers inspect equipment with faster speed and consistency.

The inspection data is always accurately recorded, with better customer delivery outcomes and enhanced efficient processes. They can vouch for supreme quality control at manufacturing facilities, with real-time, quick access to back-end systems data.

The advantages of using rugged tablets go beyond this. They are also very pocket-friendly for companies and are durable and strong to survive in the industrial environment. Rugged tablets offer a compact solution to several complications that arise in a manufacturing unit.

It's time to adapt to their productive ecosystem with flexible use cases for all organisations, be it retail or manufacturing. Looking for a rugged tablet for your company? QodeNext may have the best choice as per your needs! Find your pick here!